My main area of research is the economics of networks and how this field of economics can be connected with research using social network analysis. The idea is that people don’t make their consumption decisions independently of the people they know, but that they take decisions of their social network into account when choosing to buy or adopt a certain product. In my case, this decision is the choice of a cellular network operator, but the research has wider implications for other communications or network technologies.

The research is conducted using a variety of different data sources and statistical techniques – both more classical statistical techniques and techniques that have been specifically developed for network data. My most recent research uses electronic data from mobile phone companies to directly take social networks of consumers into account. This is particularly interesting, because this unique data allows to answer questions that have scarcely been tackled by research before and poses additional challenges when working with very large datasets. Due to the time-series character of the data, it is for example possible to trace the adoption of new products across social networks. Besides for economics, the research is highly relevant for marketing in markets with direct interaction between consumers (mobile telecommunications, instant messaging, social networking software etc). And this is in fact what I did at Idiro Technolgies.

Other research interests are the economics of innovation (where I worked on two projects for the British Department of Trade and Industry), industrial economics and social network analysis more generally.



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